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''Brian has done work for me for years and does it in a professional manner. His work and prices are very honest & fair, I  don't even need to know the price ahead of time.” Fernanda of Norton 

Very Professional ServiceI have been a customer of C & B Pest Control for the past nine years.  I called Brian about my mice and snake problem and he put me right at ease with his knowledge of pest control.  Brian not only took care of the pest control issue but he insured me that I would be 100 % satisfied with the quality of care and service from C & B Pest Control. It is a blessing to walk into your home knowing that you have a reliable company working for you who take great pride in removing uninvited guest “creepy crawlers” from your home.  Brian’s business is a godsend. Many thanks from a happy customer. Grace- Bridgewater, MA  

Our property consists of a 100 year-old farmhouse and an out building, which we use for our business. One sunny spring day a few years ago, we were invaded by flying insects in the front windows of our office. A quick check on the internet told us that they werenot flying ants, unfortunately they were termites. We called one of the “big name” companies and they required a contract which was way too expensive. Then, a relative who had been in the business came out and gave us a cheap spraying job. Next spring, the termites were back. At this point my husband purchased a set of bait sticks that you put around the perimeter of the building. We thought this would work. Next spring, more termites!Luckily, we had heard of Brian from a friend who had a big ant problem that he had solved for them. To make a long story short, Brian at C& B Pest solved our problem at a very reasonable rate, and he guarantees the work! I wish we had heard of Brain sooner, because we would have had much less termite damage to repair, but thank goodness he has prevented the problem from reaching our home! We highly recommend C & B to everyone we speak to who has a pest problem


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